Writings and Proposals

For many reasons many of the installations outlined in these proposals have never been realised and are still seeking a home. The artists would welcome genuine declarations of interest from arts agencies, arts facilitators, sponsors, museums, galleries or individuals who may be able to help to bring them into being.

Windows | Outside In
Proposals for the Kendal Windows On Art Exhibition, 2004

I wish to propose several alternative ideas as my possible contribution to the "Kendal Windows On Art" exhibition, 2004... //Read//

The Brewery Open Exhibition, 2004
Proposals for my possible contribution to the "Brewery Open Exhibition". This proposal depends on the availability of one or both of the large black display cases... //Read//

Towards a Kurt Schwitters Centre / Museum / the Merz Museum
For the Armitt Trust and Museum, Ambleside, Cumbria

Certain places are imbued with particular resonances due to the occupancy at one time or another, of remarkable individuals, cultural shape-shifters whose life and work has inspired and informed subsequent generations... //Read//

The Grit in the Oyster
Written for the catalogue of 'Meta Metier (Teaching and Practice)', a touring exhibition by staff at the Department of Visual Communication, Glasgow School of Art.

I teach for a variety of reasons. Throughout my generally unremarkable school days and later whilst at the various art schools I attended, I was fortunate to come under the wings of several inspirational teachers... //Read//

A Cultural Hub for Cumbria in the South Lakes
A vision in perpetual development

Several years before I moved from London to Ambleside in 1992, I had a vivid and incredibly lucid dream. In my dream I had made the move and had been resident for long enough to have made the Golden Rule my local pub... //Read//

Proposals in development for an installation

The location: a cathedral or abbey, possibly but not necessarily in a state of ruin within a rural or an urban landscape, or a large, redundant commercial or industrial building, ideally in dilapidated state... //Read//

Heaven Dips
Proposal for an installation/intervention by Russell Mills and Ian Walton

To most people the Lake District is perceived as being merely picturesque, pastoral, beautiful, quaint, - a chocolate-box Arcadia... //Read//

Job Application
A draft in perpetual development, towards a successful career in the high
er echelons of corporate business.
Dear Sir or Madam, given that I have only recently graduated from college and therefore am too young to have established a creditable professional curriculum vitae, I submit below a brief biography, which I hope will indicate to you my suitability for the position which your company has recently advertised... //Read//

Proposal in development for an installation by Russell Mills and Ian Walton

Rather than the whims of monarchs or the rise of capitalism, it is vegetables and minerals that have had the greater effect on human history... //Read//

Proposal in development for an installation by Russell Mills and Ian Walton

The location: an empty swimming pool, preferably old and redundant, possibly Victorian, or a redundant industrial building with a history that has some contextual correspondence to the ideas explored in the installation... //Read//

Proposal for a multimedia, site-specific installation by Russell Mills and Ian Walton

From the highest part of a large building an inverted, leafless tree, mirroring its root system and resembling the veins of a heart, is suspended from the roof to hover over a floor covered with crushed sea shells - mute reminders of past occupations and communities lost to so-called technological progress... //Read//










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