november '07

RCA Secret 2007
Gulbenkian Galleries, Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore, London SW7
16th - 23rd November 2007; 11.00 a.m - 6 p.m. with late opening on 22nd November until 8.00 p.m. Sale open 24th November 8.00 a.m. - 8.00 p.m.
As in previous years, Mills has once again contributed 3 new works to the RCA Secret Exhibition. Proceeds from all sales go to the Royal College of Art Fine Art Student Award Fund.

Mill Yard Studios, 3 Mill Yard, Staveley, Cumbria, LA8 9LS
24th November - 22nd December 2007. Open Wednesday - Sunday, 11.00 a.m - 4,00 p.m.
Mills has made six new works for this group show of small works.

Utopian Tales: Fairy Tales and Fables from Weimar Days
Mills is currently making a new collage for a Kurt Schwitters story "Happiness" written in 1925. This will be published in 2008 by The Caseroom Press in a new book Utopian Tales: Fairy Tales and Fables from Weimar Days edited and translated by Jack Zipes, Professor of German at the University of Minnesota, USA. The Caseroom Press, Thomas Parker House, 13/14 Sliver Street, Lincoln, LN2 1HJ.

Outside the Glass: Perspectives on Norman Nicholson
For the Words by the Water Festival to be exhibited initially at the Theatre by the Lake, Keswick, Cumbria from 29th February - 7th April 2008 and thereafter at the Alexandra Gallery, University of Cumbria, Lancaster from 12th May - 6th June 2008. Mills is producing two new mixed media works for this group exhibition, which will reflect on the life and texts of one of Cumbria's best known and best loved poets from the last century.

What are you like?
Museum of Illustration at the Dulwich Picture Gallery, London. June 2008 to run for 8 weeks, dates to be confirmed.
Mills has produced a new collage for this group exhibition.

august '07

Russell Mills' limited edition combination print Extending Wings is being used as the cover and internal artwork for the new Fripp and Eno CD entitled "Unreleased Works of Startling Genius". Out in September on Robert Fripp's label DGM Records.

august '07

For many people music is an escape from the hurly-burly of life, but there are those for whom Nick Drake’s music offers something more specific; it offers a personal place to escape to. Like many great artists, Nick  is an enigma, his world was and remains a mystery. This allows those who listen to his songs to interpret them in an intensely private way, and to enter into a very personal place to be.

A Place To Be is a series of projects aimed at collecting the more interesting personal interpretations of Nick’s work.

Contributions have come in from such artists as Heath Ledger, Tim Pope, Jonas Mekas, Paul Rider, The Books, Keith Morris, Julian Lloyd, Russell Mills, and the poet Nick Drake. There will be 30 pieces in all, plus screenings of the film 'A Skin Too Few'.

"A Place To Be" debuts as part of the 'Bumbershoot' festival in Seattle USA on September 1st - 3rd 2007.

june '07

Russell Mills takes part in "Toru Takemitsu: Visions in Time", Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo. Exhibition to celebrate the life and work of the composer Toru Takemitsu. 9th April - 18th June 2007

june '07

Undark is scheduled to appear on September 1st at PUNKT Festival in Norway. Live Remix: Russell Mills/Undark + Eivind Aarset/Jan Bang/Erik Honoré

march '07

"Legacy" at the Beacon Gallery, Whitehaven, Cumbria
Saturday 24 March to the end of June 2007.

Artists showing will be Russell Mills, Conrad Atkinson, John Darwell, Margaret Harrison and Paul Scott.

"Legacy" is an exhibition of mixed media works by invited artists who have been asked to respond to the 21st century legacy of the Abolition of the Atlantic Slavery Act.

january '07

Galleries added for Committere exhibition and Head installation

november '06

Tuesday 21st November - Saturday 16th December 2006

Atrium Gallery, The Glasgow School of Art

An enlightening look at the process of working to commission that is common in all fields of design.

This exhibition features the commissioned work of silversmith Helen Marriott, printed textile designs by Joanna Kinnersley-Taylor, 3D artworks and photographs for CDs by Nine Inch Nails by Russell Mills and the site-specific interactive designs of Glasgow-based Pavillion Design Studio.

Exhibitors reveal the work behind each finished commission, showing private annotated drawings and rapidly executed sketches that document the evolution of their designs from the initial stage to the fruitful conclusion of each client/maker relationship. //Read more//

september '06

Head: An installation by Russell Mills and Ian Walton.

September 30th - October 15th

The location: St Martin's College campus; the triangular plot of land adjoining the Armitt Museum, Ambleside. //Read//

july '06

Russell Mills has a series of 10 small photo collages in the group exhibition 'Words by Beckett' at the Cat Hill Gallery, London (30 June - 5 August 2006) //View//

spring '06

Undark 3 progresses well; getting grittier, sparser in places, denser in others. Russell Mills is introducing passages of light and shade throughout — his thinking is being governed by the fact that he's a visual artist first.

The proposed series of CDs of installation soundworks from 1990 to the present under the series title of Still Moves moves forward too. Hold, the pieces that Mike Fearon and Mills did with Eraldo Bernocchi for the installation in Siena in 2004-05, are now finished, mastered and ready for release.

Russell is currently researching and planning a possible new installation for Furness Abbey up in Cumbria, and possibly another for the little old Armitt Museum in Ambleside, both with Ian Walton. Both artists have also been asked to advise on the design of a Kurt Schwitters inspired bar at the Langdale Timeshare out at Elterwater, right opposite the site where Schwitters worked on his last Merzbau sculptural installation.

Meanwhile Russell Mills is working on some new works for group shows - one to celebrate Beckett's centenary, another to celebrate 200 years since the abolition of slavery.

december '05

Thought Engines at Bolton Art Gallery
Russell Mills will have some works (the "thought engines" from "Hold") in a group installation at Bolton Art Gallery opening in April 2006. Other contributors include: Phil Mouldycliff (Curator and collaborator), Keith Rowe (Sound/object installations), Colin Potter (Ambient sound installation), Loren Chasse (Found sounds), Max Eastley  (Sound sculpture), David Cunningham (Sound installation), Paul Mason (Ceramics boxes and objects), Hugh Davies (Found objects/sounds/texts), Tom Phillips (Sound texts), Colin Fallows (Found sounds), Julian and Glenda Lees (Found object/sculptures) and Peter Oakley (Paintings). There will be a catalogue produced. //View//

november '05

Russell Mills: Paintings In Sound by Nenad Georgievski
A new interview with Russell Mills has been published on All About Jazz. //Read//

september/october '05

CD commissions for Michael Nyman releases
Mills, working with design collaborator Michael Webster, has recently completed a series of art and design commissions for new releases by Michael Nyman. These include "The Piano Sings" (solo piano works), "Man and Boy: Dada" (An opera in two acts) - a double CD in a slipcase which is concerned with Kurt Schwitters and a trilogy of releases of re-recorded music for films, "The Draughtsman's Contract", "The Piano" and "Nyman Greenaway Revisited", all to be released on Michael Nyman Records / Panegyric Records.

The Triumph of Kurt Schwitters - new book cover commission
Again with Michael Webster, Mills has also just completed the art and design for the book cover for "The Triumph of Kurt Schwitters" by Barbara Crossley to be published by the Armitt Trust, which is part of the Armitt Museum in Ambleside, Cumbria, where Schwitters spent his last years and where Mills has lived for the past 14 years. Mills created a new collage for this cover commission. The book is due to go to print in September.

Skin: a new multimedia site specific installation by Russell Mills, Ian Walton and Mike Fearon
Working with Ian Walton and Mike Fearon, Mills has created a new site specific installation "Skin" for an empty shop unit in the Elephant Yard shopping centre in the heart of Kendal, Cumbria. The installation, which is concerned with aspects of families, homes and memory, utilises sculptural objects, a motor, lighting and a new sound work, which uses the shop windows as loudspeakers, has been devised in response to the "Kendal Windows on Art: Open Window '05" event, which opens on September 10th and runs until October 9th.

Brewery Open '05
Mills has created 5 new "thought engines" for this year's Brewery Open exhibition to be held at the Brewery Art Centre, Kendal, Cumbria between September 10th and October 9th.  

Harold Budd Tribute, Brighton, 21 May 2005.
Lighting design by Russell Mills. //View//

Blue Tears . An installation by Russell Mills and Ian Walton
Gallery updated. //View//

Hold. An installation by Russell Mills and Petulia Mattioli
Gallery updated. //View//

Blue Tears
A multimedia installation by Russell Mills and Ian Walton with sound design and production and film production by Russell Mills, Mike Fearon and Ian Walton for the Silo Espaço Cultural, Oporto. Commissioned by the Fundação de Serralves – Museum of Contemporary Art. 24th March – 24th May 2005.

Blue Tears explores the contrasts and/or comparisons observed in the temporary and the fixed. A work of gazes and of dialogues that leaves each his own space for reverberations; the installation is concerned with vision and the penetration of darkness as metaphors for our most intimate concerns. It is a work of remembrance and of witness in the ceaseless, torrential flux of time. It seeks to reflect on the possibilities of the animate, organic, seemingly order-less havoc of nature and the conversion of these energies into new visual, audio and conceptual contours. It is both an ending and a beginning. //View//

Seed to Star
New piece in the Installation section. //View//

An installation by Russell Mills and Petulia Mattioli

The Caveau, Palazzo delle Papesse (Centro Arte Contemporanea), Siena, Italy Opening 9th October 2004

A collaborative installation between English multimedia artist Russell Mills and Italian video artist Petulia Mattioli created specifically for the former Bank of Italy vaults in the medieval Palazzo delle Papesse (Centro Arte Contemporanea) in the heart of Siena. //View//

Festival of the Garden soundwork
Russell Mills and Mike Fearon have recently completed a soundwork for an installation by Ali Holman Marr for the Festival of the Garden, Westonbirt the National Arboretum, Tetbury, Gloucester. The installation is titled "et puis je l'embrassai" and combines visual, sculptural, kinetic and acoustic elements. "The soundscape encapsulates the feel of natural landscape. The combined rhythm of words and sounds within these dislocated spaces will be a dialogue of opposites – conflicting accounts of the same woodland walk which nonetheless achieve the same ending … et puis je l’embrassai". The Festival runs until September 2004.

Liquid Architecture 5
Russell Mills has exhibited some photographs at two different exhibitions for the Liquid Architecture 5 Festival in Australia.

Haunted Weather book and CD covers
Russell Mills has designed the cover for David Toop's "Haunted Weather" book and CD. Both are available to order from Serpent's Tail and Staubgold. //Artwork//

Mills and Mike Fearon are currently remixing all soundworks made for multimedia installations from 1990 to the present. This project is to be called Still Moves and will probably comprise 3 or 4 CDs to be released on Shed Recordings. Format and release dates are not yet fixed.

Undark (Mills, Tom Smyth and Mike Fearon) are collaborating with singer song writer Clodagh Simonds on a new CD. Other participants include Brian Eno and Percy Jones. Release date unknown at present.

The third Undark CD is also in production. Contributors include Brian Eno, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Bill Laswell, Keith Lowe, Percy Jones, Eraldo Bernocchi, Robert Musso, Chris Vrenna, Steve Jansen, Nils Petter Molvaer, Rune Arneson, Eivind Aarset, Hector Zazou amongst others. Release date
unknown at present.










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